2024 William Jones Cup Women's Basketball Tournament

The 43rd William Jones Cup tips off its women’s tournament on July 6th, bringing together talented teams from across Asia for a competitive showcase at the Xinzhuang Gymnasium in New Taipei, Taiwan. 

The tournament, which will conclude on July 10th, featured teams from Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and two squads from the host nation, Chinese Taipei.

Schedule & Results

July 63:00 pmXinzhuang GymnasiumMalaysia vs. Thailand59-6211-1716-108-1714-510-13
July 65:00 pmXinzhuang GymnasiumChinese Taipei - B vs. Gilas Pilipinas 73-6016-1517-1118-1722-17
July 67:30 pmXinzhuang GymnasiumChinese Taipei - A vs. Japan46-9711-2312-2311-2712-24
July 73:00 pmXinzhuang GymnasiumGilas Pilipinas vs. Malaysia74-6319-1215-1524-1416-22
July 75:00 pmXinzhuang GymnasiumJapan vs. Chinese Taipei - B94-4227-820-1621-726-11
July 77:00 pmXinzhuang GymnasiumThailand vs. Chinese Taipei - A60-9216-2316-2713-1715-25
July 83:00 pmXinzhuang GymnasiumJapan vs. Gilas Pilipinas 85-8327-1721-2018-1919-27
July 85:00 pmXinzhuang GymnasiumChinese Taipei - A vs. Malaysia76-4523-914-1113-1526-10
July 87:00 pmXinzhuang GymnasiumChinese Taipei - B vs. Thailand76-7716-2324-1821-2115-15
July 93:00 pmXinzhuang GymnasiumGilas Pilipinas vs. Thailand68-5817-810-1623-1418-20
July 95:00 pmXinzhuang GymnasiumMalaysia vs. Japan34-8412-226-238-98-30
July 97:00 pmXinzhuang GymnasiumChinese Taipei - B vs. Chinese Taipei - A62-809-2318-2117-1918-17
July 103:00 pmXinzhuang GymnasiumThailand vs. Japan63-9416-1822-1920-305-27
July 105:00 pmXinzhuang GymnasiumMalaysia vs. Chinese Taipei - B60-8411-2517-2216-1316-24
July 107:00 pmXinzhuang GymnasiumChinese Taipei - A vs. Gilas Pilipinas 82-6626-1021-2215-1720-17

Team Standings

1 Japan5010
2 Chinese Taipei - A419
5 Chinese Taipei - B237
3 Philippines237
4 Thailand237
6 Malaysia055