2024 PVL Rookie Draft Results

The Philippine volleyball scene is set to witness a landmark event as the Premier Volleyball League (PVL) holds its inaugural Rookie Draft on Monday, July 8th, 7:00 PM at the Novotel Hotel in Quezon City.

This historic moment marks the first time ever that aspiring Filipino volleyball players will be selected by professional teams in a formal draft format.

All 12 PVL teams will have the opportunity to select promising players who haven’t competed in the league before.

The draft order, determined through a lottery held last June 24th, places the rebranded ZUS Coffee Thunderbelles (formerly Strong Group Athletics) at the top of the board, granting them the first overall pick.

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1st PVL Draft Results List

Check out the 2024 PVL Rookie Draft results and complete list of selections.

First Round

1Zus Coffee ThunderbellesGAGATE, TheaMBDe La Salle University
2Capital1 Solar SpikersCRUZ, LeilaOPDe La Salle University
3Galeries Tower HighrisersCORENEL, JuliaSDe La Salle University
4Farm Fresh FoxiesLARROZA, MaicahOH/LDe La Salle University
5Nxled ChameleonsALMONTE, LucilleOHAdamson University
6Akari ChargersBUSTRILLO, StephanieOPUniversity of the Philippines
7Cignal HD SpikersLALONGISIP, IshieOHAdamson University
8PLDT High Speed HittersALCANTARA, AngelicaSAdamson University
9Chery Tiggo CrossoversVERDEFLOR, KarenLAdamson University
10Petro Gazz AngelsADOLFO, AntonetteOPAdamson University
11Choco Mucho Flying TitansPECAÑA, LorraineMBArellano University
12Creamline Cool SmashersTORRES, AleiahL/OHBrock University

Second Round

13Zus Coffee ThunderbellesANCHETA, ShayraMBAdamson University
14Capital1 Solar SpikersDOROMAL, Roma MaeLAteneo de Manila University
15Galeries Tower HighrisersENCARNACION, JewelOHUniversity of the Philippines
16Farm Fresh FoxiesABELLANA, PierreOHUniversity of Santo Tomas
17Nxled ChameleonsALDEA, RazelMBUniversity of Perpetual Help System DALTA
Akari Chargers(passed)
Cignal HD Spikers(passed)
PLDT High Speed Hitters(passed)
Chery Tiggo Crossovers(passed)
18Petro Gazz AngelsPARALEJAS, DonnalynSArellano University
Choco Mucho Flying Titans(passed)
Creamline Cool Smashers(passed)

Third Round

19Zus Coffee ThunderbellesYANDOC, NikkaSAdamson University
20Capital1 Solar SpikersTORRES, GilianaOHDe La Salle University
21Galeries Tower HighrisersBATINDAAN, DodeeMBArellano University
Farm Fresh Foxies(passed)
Nxled Chameleons(passed)
Petro Gazz Angels(passed)

Fourth Round

22Zus Coffee ThunderbellesZETA, JeninaLUniversity of the East
Capital1 Solar Spikers(passed)
23Galeries Tower HighrisersAYING, DanivahOPUniversity of San Jose–Recoletos

Fifth Round

Zus Coffee Thunderbelles(passed)
Galeries Tower Highrisers(passed)

A Deep Pool of Talent

A total of 47 hopefuls, including collegiate standouts and players with international experience, are vying for a chance to enter the professional league.

Headliners include prolific scorers like De La Salle’s Thea Gagate (middle blocker) and Maicah Larroza (outside hitter), alongside talented setters Julia Coronel and Leila Cruz.

Fans can expect to see familiar names from the UAAP and NCAA leagues enter the draft. University of Santo Tomas (UST) opposite spiker Pierre Abellana, a standout from the runner-up team, is among the hopefuls. Adamson University boasts a strong presence with seven players, including hitters Lucille Almonte and Ishie Lalongisip, and setter Nikka Yandoc. Ateneo’s Roma Mae Doromal (libero) and graduating players from the University of the Philippines (UP) like Abi Goc (outside hitter) and Jewel Encarnacion (outside hitter) are also in the mix.

The draft extends its reach beyond the collegiate ranks, featuring foreign-based Filipino players like Aleiah Torres (Brock University) and Nathalie Ramacula (Red River College Polytechnic). Additionally, alumni from various leagues like the NCAA, leagues within Metro Manila, and former training pool members will have their chance to shine.

This historic draft promises to usher in a new era for Philippine professional volleyball, infusing fresh talent and potentially shaking up the league’s competitive landscape. With a deep pool of promising players and the anticipation surrounding the first overall pick, the PVL Rookie Draft is an event not to be missed.

2024 PVL Rookie Draft Prospects

Here’s the list of prospects in the 2024 PVL draft.

ABELLANA, PierreOHUniversity of Santo Tomas
ADOLFO, AntonetteOPAdamson University
ALCANTARA, AngelicaSAdamson University
ALDEA, RazelMBUniversity of Perpetual Help System DALTA
ALMAZAN, CathrineOHEmilio Aguinaldo College
ALMONTE, LucilleOHAdamson University
ANCHETA, ShayraMBAdamson University
ARIZAPA, LalaineMBSan Beda University
AYING, DanivahOPUniversity of San Jose–Recoletos
BAKABAK, YsabelaMBDe La Salle University
BATINDAAN, DodeeMBArellano University
BELARO, CamilleLLyceum of the Philippines University
BERMILLO, JewelleLSan Sebastian College – Recoletos
BUSTRILLO, StephanieOPUniversity of the Philippines
CASIÑO, DanyaMBTrinity University of Asia
CORONEL, JuliaSDe La Salle University
CRUZ, LeilaOPDe La Salle University
DAYAO, SandraLUniversity of Perpetual Help System DALTA
DE LEON, Bay AnneLColegio de San Juan de Letran
DIÑO, CharminaOHArellano University
DOROMAL, Roma MaeLAteneo de Manila University
ENCARNACION, JewelOHUniversity of the Philippines
EVANGELISTA, Lalaine CJMBNational University
GAGATE, TheaMBDe La Salle University
GOC, AbiOHUniversity of the Philippines
JARDIO, AndreaMBLyceum of Alabang
LALONGISIP, IshieOHAdamson University
LARROZA, MaicahOH/LDe La Salle University
MACASIRAY, LianLDe La Salle University – Dasmariñas
MATAWARAN, Robbie MaeMBArellano University
MELENDRES, DaisyMBColegio de San Juan de Letran
NIEVA, DaraOPUniversity of the East
PARALEJAS, DonnalynSArellano University
PECAÑA, LorraineMBArellano University
RAMACULA, NathalieS/LRed River College Polytechnic (Canada)
SANTOS, CarolineMBDe La Salle University
SANTOS, RemcelMBUniversity of the East
SOLINA, JamieSMarinduque State University
TAYAG, MaxinneOHSan Beda University
TORRES, AleiahL/OHBrock University (Canada)
TORRES, GilianaOHDe La Salle University
VERDEFLOR, KarenLAdamson University
VERNAIZ, Mary GraceOHUniversity of Santo Tomas
VILLAMOR, DeaLUniversity of the East
YANDOC, NikkaSAdamson University
ZAPF, LovelyMBDe La Salle University – Dasmariñas
ZETA, JeninaLUniversity of the East

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